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We offer for various application dedicated solutions but more too:

1. In-Vehicle Test Road Load Test for BUS, Car, Truck

2. In-Vehicle Test (CAN Bus Devices)

3. High Accuracy GPS Inertial – Gyro measurement

4. Wire less friction free GPS based Vehicle Speed Test System

5. Steering Wheel Measurement system

6. Wheel Force Transducers (WFT)

7. Automotive customer list of global customers are 

In-Vehicle Test Road Load Test for BUS, Car, Truck

In-Vehicle test requires one compact system capable of acquiring signals of all different sensors and CAN bus possible. During the road system clear feedback is given to the driver acquiring signals from the engine, internal compartment and or signals from rotating element such as wheels forces and axes using telemetry systems.
The MOPS is such a system able to acquire signals from Thermo couples, strain gauges, wheel force transducers, Steering wheel sensors, CAN bus and CAN bus devices etc to either a local storage medium or directly to the laptop PC. Provisions are taken to power interruption during start of the engine and during the test ride. Many accessories are available to make life easy.
Real time monitoring on Notebook

Special mouting devices available for the MOPS  

In-Vehicle Test (CAN Bus Devices)

Ultra small CAN Bus based measurement devices operate in extended temperature range are called the QIC modules. They are so small that they can be place in the engine compatiment!
Each QIC module is a small and independent data acquisition system. It comprises not only high precision amplifiers and ADC for signal conditioning but also the necessary excitation for the sensors. All channels are galvanically isolated from one another and from the test object. Specific modules for the acquisition of temperature signals, strain gauge, Analog, Universal, Digital / counter.
The unit communicate via the CAN Bus and data can be logged on a Laptop, Special QIC logger or PDA.

QIC modules can be placed inside the engine compartement

QIC modules are IP67: Thus water proof http://www.caesar-datensysteme.de/Start_eng.php

High Accuracy GPS Inertial – Gyro measurement

For very precise inertial navigation systems ATIS has a solution for you! With QIC-INS system with high precision the vehicle positioning and motion parameters such as velocity, acceleration, orientation and angular rATiS. The GPS is the key to the precesion of the system (2 cm for position, 0.05 km/h for the velocity). Un-like the old-style gyro based systems they are compact, very rugged and it is not necessary to place the unit at the centre of gravity. Due to self calibration, no calibration is required and the driver has continuous feedback on the laptop screen. Data can be fed directly into other data acquisition equipment, steering robots and multi-beam echo sounders

Caesar inertial system can be placed everywhere in the car

Wire less friction free GPS based Vehicle Speed Test System

In contrast of the old technology the QIC Speedsensor work Wire Less and friction free even with rain, for, snow or ice conditions! Installation is quick, easy and convenient: The GPS-antenna with its magnetic foor is placed to the vehicle and connected to a Palm or a notebook. That’s all. The entire setting and data stream is automatically synchronized at power-on. The QIC-Speed calculated the current speed and direction continuously with a rate of 20Hz from the Doppler shift of the carrier frequency of the GPS signal cause by the movement of the vehicle. The accuracy is within 0.3 km/h in the range of 0 and 1,800 km/h. The position, route and direction with a resolution of a few centimetres as well as longitudinal and transversal acceleration are calculated on-line. An event input is given for braking and timing Test!
QIC Speed sensor with CAN interface
QIC Speed sensor with CAN interface

Steering Wheel Measurement system
For driving experiments, the vehicle steering wheel is substituted by the measuring steering wheel with integrated sensors and electronics. The steering wheel are special designed for experiments regarding endurance, comfort and handling by measuring steering torque, steering angle and angular speed. A truck version (200 Nm) as well as a normal vehicle version (80 Nm)is available.
As an option, the steering angle acceleration and linear accelerations in all three directions on the end of the steering wheel column can be measured.
Special adapter shaft, available for most vehicles, enable easy, quick and precise installation. Even EPS programs for active stability control are supported and remain in use.
Steering wheel loaded with sensors

Different steering wheel adapters

Wheel Force Transducers (WFT)
Caesar offers a complete familty of 6-components wheel force transducers for all vehicle sizes – from compact passenger cars up to heavy trucks. Slip-ring as well as wireless telemetry systems are available for immediate data transfer from the rotating wheel to a stationary data acquisition system like the MOPS.
Caesars WFT ‘are based on telemetry and therefore they are water proof, shock proof and easily mountable (10 minutes per wheel) and due to the universal adapter concept they fit to almost any rim size!

WFT under dirty circomstances

CAESAR WFT: Water Proof

Caesar WFT: Mounted on the BMW

Automotive customer list of global customers are
Alfa Romeo, Aprilia, Audi,, Daewoo, Daimler Chrysler AG,,, Hyundai,, the MAN AG, NedCar,, Seat, Steyr Daimler Puch, Toyota, the Volkswagen-Group, Volvo, Alusuisse, GKN, TRW, MIRA (UK), UTAC (France), the Liebherr-Group, the Deutsche Bahn AG, ...



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